Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too pretty to waste

My eyes feel good. Still a little red spot on the one that got injected, but no pain, no scratchy feeling.

I figure, if I AM going to lose my sight eventually, I'd better get out and see and do all I can while I can. (even if I don't ever lose my sight, I should live my life this way) Today was a perfect day...I decided to celebrate and take the kayak out and look at the spring green colors out there. For my first time this year, I decided to stay close to home and went on the East River for a three hour tour......a three hour tour.... It was nice to be on the water again. Some guys fishing near the boat launch even pulled my yak out enough where I didn't have to step in the muck at the edge. A good day.

It seems now that I've started talking about this M.D. thang, everybody and their Grandma seem to have it, and the news doesn't seem to be quite as dire as I first thought it might be. One of my brother's co-workers said she had the same stuff injected for HER eye problem, and it seems to have worked. She hasn't had any shots for a year now and only hasta go in yearly for a checkup.

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