Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite Tikis (so far)

This is one of the "Boners" I've been talking about. What did you THINK I was talking about?
Now, this "nose-ringer"....well, first of all, he's GREEN and PURPLE, my favorite color combination.
Not sure WHAT to call this type. Sorta looks "alien-esque"...and sorta like a carrot. ....and looks like he had some bad acne back in high school. I dunno...."pock-face alien carrot-boy"? PAC for short?
This is one of those shapes I like. And again, the purple / green combo. Although, these are the light green eyes. The camera flash really makes 'em glow! Like he's putting a HEX on you!!!

You are getting SLEEEEEEPPPPPPYYYYY!This one is my favorite, so far. I LOVE the shape. And I like the color....not pure red, but I'm not exactly sure what I added to it. Maybe gold? Red Sculpey Clay is the hardest one to knead, for some reason....or maybe the brick of clay I had was old or got too warm (sorta half-baked)? The pearlized colors are really soft (almost TOO soft), so they're nice to add to the Red...makes it easier to work with and it gives it that iridescent look. I also like the little holes poked in it around the edges. It reminds me of a (rich, corinthian) leather chair with those fancy tacks around the edges... Well........back to work!

Time for ART!

So, anyway. It's getting cold and time to hang up the yaks and maybe even the bikes for the year. It's TIME FOR ART!

And I've been on a roll! After I made that first Tiki head, that was it....I've been at it for the last few weeks. I did have a bad start though. Seems my oven is off by about 15 degrees. When I set it to 275, it's actually more like 300....doesn't seem like much, right? Well, it's just enough that the first batch I made (about 10 of them)....the eyes sorta boiled out of their heads! About 8 hours of work down the drain! (Dang! Shoulda saved one so I could post a picture of it....if I find one, I will.)

Since then, I've got an oven thermometer hanging off the rack and they've been coming out great! I've been trying my hand at making "boners" again. They're hard to make for some reason, but have a few nice ones.

Well, it stopped RAINING out, so maybe I should bring a batch of them to The Flying Pig.