Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, this summer I've certainly gotten out there to see everything I can WHILE I can. And it seems this summer kayaking has even overtaken biking....hard to believe!

In early summer I joined this club, the Fox Valley Yakkers. It's a site where kayakers can post kayaking ideas and then host a paddle, and everybody in the club is invited to join. I started out slow, but eventually, met more and more people. It's a great bunch of folks....I mean, we're Kayakers....what else would you expect? I've learned of some new great places to go: The Wolf River, WI River, Caldron Falls Flowage, Oconto River....all beautiful places, and this fall, to see the colors of the trees from the perspective of a river...soooo pretty!

I still want to get out when there's snow on the banks. I want to have a picture of that. There's a little place in Waupaca that I go to and have pictures of the same spot in Spring, Summer and Fall.....I really want that Winter picture!

Kayak season is coming to an end, and I guess that's good in a way. I haven't gotten ANY art work done this summer at all....every nice day off was spent out on the water or on my bike. Or catching up on sleep and housework. Hopefully, I'll get some art work done now that it's getting colder outside! I actually made a Tiki head for a necklace last night.....first one in a long, LONG time! The Flying Pig is running low on them so I've got to get in production mode. Now's the time. Maybe some sewing, too, since that'll be something I won't be able to do at all when/if my vision goes.