Friday, September 10, 2010

yak yak here and a yak yak there

I've not updated this for such a long time. I've been out kayaking. A LOT! 14 times this year, which is more than I've kayaked in probably 3 years put together in the past. I joined this Meetup club....Fox Valley Yakkers, and have met lots of new people to go kayaking with, AND now know of lots of new lakes and rivers to kayak on that I might never have tried on my own. It's hard to find someone who is a kayaker that isn't a good person, and is out there for the same reasons I am. My last kayaking trips have been on the Wolf River. Beautiful river!

As for my eyes, I JUST went in for my first checkup after my series of three injections. They put antibiotics in my eye (JUST IN CASE I would hafta get another injection), dialated my eyes and checked 'em out. NO INJECTION!!!!! YAY! Looks like the leak has gone down enough or has disappeared (you know....I didn't even ask!), but if there would've been some leak left underneath my retina I would've had to have another one, so it must be gone. Now I hafta go in in 5 weeks and see how it is. If there's no leak, I can start to stretch my appointments out to maybe 3 months apart, and then at the next appointment, if there's STILL no leak, can stretch them out even further, 6 months, then a year apart.

They still had to dialate that eye though, so in the picture, the eye with the HUGE pupil is my "bad" eye, the other one is my good eye. I sorta like the looks of my BAD eye with the big pupil better.