Monday, April 26, 2010

Stick a needle in my eye..., I got an injection of Avastin in my eye. They put some antibiotic drops in my eye, dialated it, put numbing drops in my eye a few times (lidocaine), washed my eye with betadyne (stings a little), then put this wire contraption in my eye to hold my eyelids open. Then the doctor put a q-tip in some lidocaine, held it on my eyeball for a second, said "you might feel a little pressure", which I did, but it really wasn't too eyes did try to blink around that contraption though... Now, 7 hours later, my eye feels like there's sand in it, but that's from the betadyne, they told me. The feeling should go away by morning.

I never realized how crooked my eyebrow is. Hmmmm.

Oh, the cost of the drug? $67 The cost for the doctor to inject it? $2,300. I don't care. I just hope it works. The doctor said I will probably hafta have 2 more injections, (every 6 weeks) then as needed. I'm guessing they'll take another angiogram to check out the progress.


  1. gaws, Coolie!! Here's to hoping the angiogram shows everything is all clear and no more injections. I didn't call 'cause I gimped myself up bigtime and am miserable. But if I had to choose, I'd take this over a needle in the eye. You're a tough cookie-can't imagine laying thee waiting for a needle-yep, really tough-and brave!!!

  2. Ha! I wasn't brave at all. I was scared I was gonna move my eyeball while he was sticking me, and that somehow that movement would detatch my retina or make the hole bigger and all that vitrious fluid would come squirting out, deflating my eyeball. Ha ha! (Uh, that's nervous, grossed-out sort of laughter!) But before I could really think about it, he said, "Ok, that's it!" and we were done. I didn't watch him coming at me with the needle, 'cause he made me look up and off to the side, thank god. Yuck. Just talking about it really makes me THINK about it! Eeeew!

  3. P.S. I think I did really good at my WW meeting last week just 'cause I was feeling queasy, thinking about the injection to come and ate less. I lost 4 lbs!