Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blind artist, Allan Eddy....

So much for the "pic o' the Day", eh? That's the way I am....I have some ideas, but never really put them to use.

So, last night I was sitting around, feeling sorry for myself, and decided to check the internet for other blind artists. I KNOW I read somewhere about some famous (dead) artist who went blind before he died, and still painted, but all his paintings in that era were dark brown/blue....(if anyone knows who this was, please tell me! It's driving me nuts!)

Anyway, I searched for blind artists, and found an amazing artist...Allan Eddy. Here's his link. I LOVE his paintings....especially the pointillism! There's even a video where it shows what exactly he can see out of his eye....sort of an upside down "U" shape of vision....when he paints, he can't even see his hand. Amazing! And what's even more amazing is his attitude. No pity-parties for him!

This gives me some hope although it doesn't totally clear up my fear of what's to come. Next week I will get my second injection, but this time with a different with an EXCELLENT bedside manner. I'm looking forward to meeting him and asking questions. (I felt uncomfortable asking the first doctor anything after a few questions....he was very short with me...never smiled...never even introduced himself or shook my hand)

More to come...

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